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Relief From Coughing

Improve Your Breathing

Clear Your Mucus

Expand Your Airways

There is no complicated setup process, and you can use the device anywhere. Just five minutes, once or twice a day will help create stronger lungs and easier breathing. Perfect for everyone from adults to children, smokers, seniors, athletes, singers, and more.

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Portable Device That's
Very Easy to Use

The Kan-breathe is an easy addition to your daily routine as it can be used anywhere, does not require batteries, and is easy to clean with soap and water after each use.

May Alleviate Certain Respiratory Conditions

The Blue Kan-Breathe Natural Breathing Lung Expansion and Mucus Removal Device is suitable for anyone battling respiratory issues seeking relief without meds.

Cutting-Edge Design Proudly Made in Australia

Proudly manufactured in Australia, the Kan-Breathe's polypropylene and stainless steel ball bearings are long-lasting. Every device comes with a carry bag and easy-to-follow instructions.

Lung Exerciser Also
Available in White

We offer our Positive Expiratory Pressure device in White as well. Customers like the option of choosing between the contrasting Blue/White and White/Blue lung exercisers.

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